Foodie Diary: Check Out The Chinese Hot Pot!

Hi, visitors! I’m Victoria Bao, your chef and gastronome.

I went to San Francisco last week with my friends.

It was a long drive and, of course, I have the new restaurant for you guys. :)

Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant


This is a Chinese Muslim restaurant locates in San Francisco.

They have a special menu for us, which is hot pot.

Some people might not know anything about Chinese hot pot.

It is a casserole of meat and vegetables, and you can choose the base soup.

I like the spicy soup, so I choose the spicy one.


(Spicy Hot Pot)

As you can see, this hot pot is separated into two sides. If you want to try different flavors, they can change one of the soup. I choose the spicy soup for both sides. The main point of the hot pot is you can add what you want to eat. You can add meats or vegetables and noodles! It’s eating and cooking at same time.;)


(Menu of Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant)

Have you ever try Beijing style noodle? It is Chinese noodle with fried dark bean sauce on the top. It is very delicious. In China, we call it: “Zha Jiang Mian”.


(Beijing Style Noodle)

In their restaurant, this noodle was a surprise for me. I ordered this dish in other restaurants before, but none of them are the real Chinese style “Zha Jiang Mian”. But this restaurant did a great job and we enjoyed it.


(Beijing Beef Pancake)

This dish is also highly recommended. The beef was fragrant and well seasoned while the pancake was tasty.


(Inside of the Old Mandarin Islamic Restaurant)

I’d say this is a good place to go. Is hard to find a Chinese restaurant in United States which really cook Chinese food. Some restaurants changed their recipes for locals, but this restaurant stayed with the real Chinese style. This place is small but very clean. The food is good, so you guys should try it.

My evaluation: ★★★★☆



3132 Vicente St, San Francisco, CA 94116

(415) 564-3481

Thank you for watching my blog and have a wonderful day! :)

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  1. Your information really helped. I like the hot pot a lot , so that I will definitely go to the restaurant you recommended. You gave a high evaluation for this restaurant, and hope I will like it too. Besides, the address is accurate enough. Thanks for sharing such a good restaurant!

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