Foodie Diary: Thai !

Hi, visitors! I’m Victoria Bao, your chef and gastronome.

Today is Thai food day! I’m going to take you to my favorite Thai restaurant!

Siamese Street Thai Restaurant


This restaurant is actually very close to UOP, it’s on pacific ave.

It’s a walking distance and it’s about 5 minutes.

This is the first Thai restaurant I went when I came to UOP.

It actually really good, a lot of students love this place.

image1 (1)

(Thai Tea)

I ordered Thai tea for drinks and this is my favorite. I always order this one. It’s absolutely tasty, but I think this Thai tea have too much sweetener. If you like it very sweet it will be fine, but recently I order the less sweetener one. I think that one is better for the meal. If the drinks are very sweet, it will make you feel greasiness down your throat. Because Thai food is almost all spicy and I don’t want that greasiness feelings after I eat them.


(Veggie rolls)

These veggie rolls are very delicious. The sweet and sour sauce in the center very balance the taste of the rolls. I recommend this dish for your appetizer.


(Seafood curry)

This is a dish that I ordered at the very first time I got in this restaurant. It was juicy and tasty. I love the spiciness. The shrimp was very fresh. Please try this one!


(Pad Thai)

This dish is amazing! They have the little nut chips inside. Mix the nuts before you eat and it tastes so good! I personally don’t like nuts that much, but with this dish the nuts become the necessary ingredient!


(Mango Sticky Rice)

Yes! We’ll definitely have the mango sticky rice for dessert! This is one of my favorite. I love the sticky rice. Sometimes the mango could be very sour, just for the record.


(Fried Banana With Coconut Ice Cream)

I don’t really like this one because the banana was very oily. And the flavor was not that I expect for.


(Inside of Siamese Street Thai Restaurant)

A quick tip about this restaurant is you should be careful about the time that you want to visit. They open during 11 am to 3 pm. And they will open at 5 pm. There was one time that I got there around 4 pm and the restaurant is not open for business yet.

My evaluation: ★★★★



3236 Pacific Ave, Stockton, CA 95204
(209) 466-0130
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Foodie Diary: Korean BBQ

Hi, visitors! I’m Victoria Bao, your chef and gastronome.

Today, I’m going to introduce a very fancy Korean BBQ.

I accidentally discovered this restaurant.

Gen Korean BBQ House

image9 (1)

This BBQ house is unexpectedly popular!

I and my friends were just driving around and try to find a place to eat.

My friend said: How about we eat BBQ?

So we went in this BBQ house, and that was 4 pm.

A lot of people are already waiting for a table.

After we finished, it is about 6 pm. And this picture shows the waiting line.

Can you believe it?


Okay, so let’s talk about why this restaurant is so popular. First step,drinks.


(Strawberry lemonade )

I ordered strawberry lemonade for the drinks. They are just normal tasty, nothing draws my attention.



The little dishes around the grill are included in the combo. This Korean BBQ is all you can eat. I think this is the first reason why they are so popular. The Kimchi in these little dishes is very delicious.

image6 (1)


In the dinner course, you can choose four kinds of meat. I choose the Beef Bulgogi, Gen Premium Steak, Nook Gan Sal and Garlic Chicken.


(Menu of Gen Korean BBQ House )

If you can’t decide which one you want to eat, you can order their recommended meat. I ordered the recommended course Garlic Chicken and it was very juicy!image15

An interesting thing about this restaurant is their waiters are all very handsome. 😉 Also their waitress are very cute!

My friend think this is might be the other reason why this restaurant is so popular!



(Inside of the Gen Korean BBQ House)

This is a very good place to hang out. Their combo is very bargain. The decoration is pretty.  I will definitely go back there! (Not because of the handsome waiters!) And sorry for disappointed you guys, I don’t have any pictures of their waiters or waitress. I guess you guys have to find out by yourself!

My evaluation: ★★★★



1628 Hostetter Rd, Ste F, San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 477-2773
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Foodie Diary: Seafood time!

Hi, visitors! I’m Victoria Bao, your chef and gastronome.

In the past few post, I have never talked about seafood.

So today, I’m going to introduce a seafood restaurant.

Red Lobster


Red lobster is a popular seafood restaurant for locals.

The first I get there I didn’t get a chance to try because there were so many people.

Last week I went there at 3 pm and I still wait about 10 minutes. Can you believe it?



As soon as you seat at your table, they will give you a basket of this biscuit. This biscuits are very soft and good for soup. So a good choice is you can order soup and enjoy it together.


(Sunset Passion Colada)

This drink is very sweet  and it is malibu rum pina colada with strawberry, raspberry or peach topper. You can order a non-alcohol one. Very tasty and good for kids.

image2(Seaside Shrimp Trio)

Let’s take look our first dish! At the side of the plate is fried shrimp, is very juicy and fresh inside. In the middle is garlic shrimp, this one is kind of my favorite. The last one is shrimp pasta. Too much shrimp at one time! But is delicious and worth to try!


(Wood-Grilled Lobster, Shrimp and Salmon)

I love this dish is because of the salmon. This salmon was well grilled and very juicy. The skin very crisp. The lobster was fine, but they add too much salt on it, I don’t really like it.




(Warm Chocolate Chip Lava Cookie)

For the dessert, I ordered this lava cookie. The molten lava is not expertly melting. It seems the server are in a rush and the ice cream has an empty hole in the middle. This is really disappointed me.


(Menu of Red Lobster)

They have so many dishes that I’m interesting to try. My friend recommends me mussel marinara. I probably try it next time. 😉


(Inside of the Red Lobster)

This restaurant is a good place to go but sometimes they just can’t provide you they best server they have. Because they have too many customer to take care of. You always have to wait in line to get a table. This restaurant is not worth to wait more than 20 minutes. Overall, I might give them a second chance, but I don’t take too much expectancy with it.

My evaluation: ★★★☆



2283 W March Lane, Stockton, CA 95207
(209) 473- 2420
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Foodie Diary: Spicy Special

Hi, visitors! I’m Victoria Bao, your chef and gastronome.

I went to San Francisco again for fall break.

A spicy food lover like me discovered a wonderful restaurant for you guys.

Hunan House


This is a Chinese restaurant locates in Chinatown.

This is a very good place for spicy food.

The half of the dishes in menu come with red pepper.


(Chicken Palms w/ Explosive Peppers)

This dish is my favorite, the chicken is very juicy! It comes with these red peppers. Very delicious and the spice with just right. Not too much but still hot. Make sure you order the spicy chicken palms because the spicy food is their selling point.


(Menu of Hunan House)

The have lots kinds of dishes, but like I said the spicy food this their selling point. Some people worried about the food will be too spicy, but actually it won’t. Just order it and trust me you’ll love it! 😉


(Beef Short Rib In Hot & Numbing Spicy Pot)

This one is also my favorite! The beef short rib is so tasty! Inside this pot, it has tofu, bamboo shoot, beef short rib and root of a lotus. Is a big pot and good for serving two people or more.


(GuiLing Rice Noodle)

This dish has light spice in it but still tasty. The soup is very good and even better than some noodle restaurant. Worth to try!

image13 image12

(Inside of the Hunan House)

This place is the only restaurant in Chinatown that I like the most. They are always crowded even during the late night. Some people order friend rich or chow main, if you do the same you’ll really missing out! The spicy food is their specialty, so please order spicy food!

My evaluation: ★★★★☆



826 Washington  St, San Francisco ,CA 94108

(415) 398-1299

Thank you for watching my blog and have a wonderful day! :)