Foodie Diary: Spicy Special

Hi, visitors! I’m Victoria Bao, your chef and gastronome.

I went to San Francisco again for fall break.

A spicy food lover like me discovered a wonderful restaurant for you guys.

Hunan House


This is a Chinese restaurant locates in Chinatown.

This is a very good place for spicy food.

The half of the dishes in menu come with red pepper.


(Chicken Palms w/ Explosive Peppers)

This dish is my favorite, the chicken is very juicy! It comes with these red peppers. Very delicious and the spice with just right. Not too much but still hot. Make sure you order the spicy chicken palms because the spicy food is their selling point.


(Menu of Hunan House)

The have lots kinds of dishes, but like I said the spicy food this their selling point. Some people worried about the food will be too spicy, but actually it won’t. Just order it and trust me you’ll love it! 😉


(Beef Short Rib In Hot & Numbing Spicy Pot)

This one is also my favorite! The beef short rib is so tasty! Inside this pot, it has tofu, bamboo shoot, beef short rib and root of a lotus. Is a big pot and good for serving two people or more.


(GuiLing Rice Noodle)

This dish has light spice in it but still tasty. The soup is very good and even better than some noodle restaurant. Worth to try!

image13 image12

(Inside of the Hunan House)

This place is the only restaurant in Chinatown that I like the most. They are always crowded even during the late night. Some people order friend rich or chow main, if you do the same you’ll really missing out! The spicy food is their specialty, so please order spicy food!

My evaluation: ★★★★☆



826 Washington  St, San Francisco ,CA 94108

(415) 398-1299

Thank you for watching my blog and have a wonderful day! :)

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