Foodie Diary: Korean BBQ

Hi, visitors! I’m Victoria Bao, your chef and gastronome.

Today, I’m going to introduce a very fancy Korean BBQ.

I accidentally discovered this restaurant.

Gen Korean BBQ House

image9 (1)

This BBQ house is unexpectedly popular!

I and my friends were just driving around and try to find a place to eat.

My friend said: How about we eat BBQ?

So we went in this BBQ house, and that was 4 pm.

A lot of people are already waiting for a table.

After we finished, it is about 6 pm. And this picture shows the waiting line.

Can you believe it?


Okay, so let’s talk about why this restaurant is so popular. First step,drinks.


(Strawberry lemonade )

I ordered strawberry lemonade for the drinks. They are just normal tasty, nothing draws my attention.



The little dishes around the grill are included in the combo. This Korean BBQ is all you can eat. I think this is the first reason why they are so popular. The Kimchi in these little dishes is very delicious.

image6 (1)


In the dinner course, you can choose four kinds of meat. I choose the Beef Bulgogi, Gen Premium Steak, Nook Gan Sal and Garlic Chicken.


(Menu of Gen Korean BBQ House )

If you can’t decide which one you want to eat, you can order their recommended meat. I ordered the recommended course Garlic Chicken and it was very juicy!image15

An interesting thing about this restaurant is their waiters are all very handsome. 😉 Also their waitress are very cute!

My friend think this is might be the other reason why this restaurant is so popular!



(Inside of the Gen Korean BBQ House)

This is a very good place to hang out. Their combo is very bargain. The decoration is pretty.  I will definitely go back there! (Not because of the handsome waiters!) And sorry for disappointed you guys, I don’t have any pictures of their waiters or waitress. I guess you guys have to find out by yourself!

My evaluation: ★★★★



1628 Hostetter Rd, Ste F, San Jose, CA 95131
(408) 477-2773
Thank you for watching my blog and have a wonderful day! :)



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