Foodie Diary: Tai Wen special?

Hi, visitors! I’m Victoria Bao, your chef and gastronome.

Today I want to introduce a Taiwan restaurant that located at Fremont.

Grand Harbor


This restaurant is actually very far away, but I do not recommend to drive all the way there.

I will recommend you to stop by only when you at San Jose.

In this restaurant they have a lot of Taiwan food, their snacks are very good.


(Black Tea)

Before you order anything, just let you know that if you are ordering a combo or a hot pot they come up with a drink. Either black tea or green tea. It contains a bit sweetness and it is cold and perfect for the hot pot.


(Sizzling Noodle)

This noodle combo is amazing and I love the sauce on the top. The plate is very hot so be careful when they serving this dish. I’d love to mix the egg with the noodle, it is very creamy. You can also order sizzling lamb chop, and it is also my favorite.


(Deep Fired Stinky Tofu)

This is a very special dish. These tofu’s smell are actually very bad but when you taste it you will find out it actually really good. But I still going to remain you that if you have never tried any stinky food before, do not have too much hope on this one. Because you might hate it.



(Popcorn Chicken)

This one is highly recommended!! Just order it! This is not about how much people love fried food, this is about the flavor. This popcorn chicken is very juicy and I think they have some extra secret seasoning for this dish. Just order it!

image7 image9

(Inside of Grand Harbor)

This restaurant is a good place to go and also have a lot of dishes that wait for us to try. It is a small place but very clean and crowd. They owner was very nice to me and the service was perfect. Stop by when you around Fremont.

My evaluation: ★★★☆



46577 Mission Blvd, Ste 415, Fremont, CA 94539
(510) 656-9688
Thank you for watching my blog and have a wonderful day! :)

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