Foodie Diary: Loco Spaghetti!

Hi, visitors! I’m Victoria Bao, your chef and gastronome.

It is almost Thanksgiving break!  Are you ready for the Black Friday shopping?

Ready or not it is coming soon this week! Before that, let’s try some tasty food!

The Old Spaghetti Factory


This is a spaghetti restaurant located in Stockton.

I went here couple days ago. It is good and beautiful so I went to share with you guys.


When you get your table they will serve this bread first. I’m not a fan of this bread, but my friend liked it. It is very hard outside, but the inside is very soft.  But this bread eventually worked with me. It is perfect to eat with the next dish.


(Veggie Soup)

This soup is a little bit salty for me, but it is very good. It is very good to pairs with the bread. I and my friend finished it immediately.



This salad and the soup are both part of the combo So if you ordered the pasta, they will have this salad and soup comes with it together.


(Sicilian Garlic Cheese Bread)

This one is my favorite! It is very delicious. The bread was very soft and the melted cheese is perfect! The other half was cheese with potato. The sauce is tasty and please try this dish!


(Orange Cream Shake)

For drinks, I ordered this milkshake. The sweetness was good so I think it is worth to try.


(White Clam Sauce)

Finally the main course. I ordered this Spaghetti and it was nothing surprised me. The flavor was fine, it just the normal clam sauce.


(Pot Pourri)

This dish was very special it has four different sauce. This one is worth to order because you can taste different flavor at the same time.



(Inside of The Old Spaghetti Factory)

This place is good for hangout, especially for a date. The decoration is very pretty! And the lights was very small but bright. The environment is very clean. I love this little train. It was a great experience.

My evaluation: ★★★



2702 West March Ln, Stockton, CA 95219


(209) 473-3695
Thank you for watching my blog and have a wonderful day! :)

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